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Voted #1 in the Northwest Every Year Since 2011 in it's Field!!

This organic product is made of aged cow manure and a sawdust mix.

Only Hy-Grass Farms produces authentic Moo-Doo mulch and soil enhancer. If you received Moo-Doo from someone else you don't have the real doo.

When it comes to your garden and flower beds, you want the right product at the right time for the right price. Organic Moo-Doo from Hy-Grass Farms is the ideal soil amendment. As a combined mulch and fertilizer, it’s affordable, safe for the environment, clean to use, and packed with soil nutrients. Come visit our family farm and pick up a load of authentic Moo-Doo today!

Pick up truck loads at farm! $40 ($20/yard, 2 yard minimum)

We Deliver:

Pricing may vary by zip code. Sales tax not included.

Can't make it out to the farm?

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Application of Product

Spread 1" to 3" on loosened soil and spade in. After rains, scratch into soil again. For mulching add 3" and till into soil. For potting, use 2/3 soil to 1/3 MooDoo.

How to Use Moo-Doo

Mulch: Spread 3 inches of Moo-Doo around plants, trees, shrubs to retain moisture, suppress weeds, and keep your soil cool during summer months. Adding a thick layer of Moo-Doo in the fall helps protect your plants during the winter.

Soil Amendment/Fertilizer: Moo-Doo contains the vitamins your plants need to thrive. Loosen soil around annuals/perennials, add 1-2 inches of Moo-Doo, and till into the soil with a small spade or with your hands. For best results: after the first rainfall, till the soil again, being sure to mix the Moo-Doo into the earth around your plants. Rather than rototilling your vegetable garden every year, use Moo-Doo to supplement lost nutrients and augment the growing season.

Potting Soil: Keep your indoor and outdoor potted plants healthy and happy all year round. Moo-Doo provides nutrients to your plants and allows the soil to drain well. For best results, use 2/3 soil to 1/3 Moo-Doo.

*Based on similar product and delivery service. Not available in all areas.